Almost 5AM. Coming back home, again. PERFECT night listening music with the homies.
P for @36daysoftype // amazing project from @rafagoicoechea / sorry Rafa I’ve been busy lately but I PROMISE 2 post some STUFF till the end !!!
Aqward funny moment of this day with @slurpiest and the team recording a video for @javieramena // ok!! Face  (en ✏️___________🔥)
Muy body hurts. Can’t even flex my arm. Good night y’all. #NoPainNoGain #progress #WeWillSee
OLD DESIGN I MADE WITH @dearabra back in Xmas so we printed in silkscreen. I’m gonna start again with this stuff. •///////•
This @javieramena weekend never gonna end. Tequieru!  (en 🔥SOCIAL✨BRUTALISM🔥)
COMING BACK HOME. Magic night with the ladies @marinalons and @javieramena // 🔵❤️🔵
I’ve been hanging out these past days with great musician @javieramena WHAT A GREAT SOUL! CHECK her on Youtube // ultra pop power booster mode ON. <3 Javi. Bacán la foto. #quieroquetuespadameatraviesesolamenteami  (en 🔥SOCIAL✨BRUTALISM🔥)
DESTINY : Is all written.
My favorite shirt EVER. GIFT from guys from #Shynola
THIS TWO AMAZING GREATURES MADE ME A BIT HAPPIER TODAY. // @marinalons // @jordibartalot // young #hotnessoverload <3 (en 🔥SOCIAL✨BRUTALISM🔥)
NOT IN THE MOOD, but this week is supposed 2 be a GREAT week. #MyFace  (en 🔥SOCIAL✨BRUTALISM🔥)
I WANTED TO SHARE THIS MOMENT : This is first time in a long time I can really recognize the inner me in a pic. Don’t ask me why.  (en 💔          👍✔️)
BABYALIEN has my heart today… @marinalons