SELFPORTRAIT. Trying 2 survive 2 #downphoria 2015.
Me under hashtag #FloatingBoldtron
SELFPORTRAIT. Trying 2 survive 2 #downphoria 2015.
BEST INTERNET COLLISION IN A WHILE. LOVED 2 meet @armansyd this past summer. I do really njoy his pics and vision. Somehow we decided 2 start a collab that we still need to cook. But I’m so happy to have such a supporter and a lovely guy next to me. #FRIENDSHIP overseas. Love  u Arman!
A CARVED BOOK OF ASTRONOMY TURNED IT INTO A TANGIBLE LANDSCAPE. Probably this is what my dreams are made of.
I’ve been awake 48 hours for now, waiting in hospital coz my uncle has been in coma since Monday. Today the light is special and besides I’m grumpy coz life has not been fair with me lately I decided to share this moment. We all must cellebrate life while we can! ❤️💯✔️ Love for all of you right now. (en 🎶KINDNESS*HOUSE)
I have a special connection with all the animals in the world. @loveis.afourletterword LOVE U! (en ✨🐶❤️✨)
#pparallaxx TURQOISE *2 test with 3d Stroke. Thanks @slurpiest for showing me how to use After Effects for this result.  (en ✏️___________🔥)
LUVIN’ THIS SENHORITA!!! 🔥❤️👈 #HoldingHands and so…
I borrowed this bag from @saritalempicka * I don’t usually know I’m a BIG GUY. Lol.
#TBT Circa 2008!!!  (en 🔥SOCIAL✨BRUTALISM🔥)
Which part of the day u preffer?
7am. Trying 2 look towards the future… #happylonernumber1  (en 🔥SOCIAL✨BRUTALISM🔥)