BEATBOX. When I was living in Japan back in 2003 I met the designer from A Bathing Ape via my friend @yone69harajuku who was hosting me at this house /// he gave me that shirt. AWE!!
I will be back. Meanwhile there is a MESSAGE IN A SHIRT. @javieramena te echamos de menos.
SELFPORTRAIT 2014. This is my honest closest face 2 u. Is happening. I’m gonna get focused in some work next days. So instagram is OFF for now. I will come back with some fresh updates. Thanks 4 all support and lovely feedback. (en 🔥SOCIAL✨BRUTALISM🔥)
It looks like a portrait of my heart. Artwork via le great @nano4814
🔑Who Got The Keys To The Jeep?🚙 Selfmade Tshirt with my lovely love @imsorrymissjackson1 ❤️ (en 🔥SOCIAL✨BRUTALISM🔥)
Babyalien told me 2 put this frontal pic. Frontals are not my cup of tea, but… HAVE A GREATO HOLY WEEKNDN!!  (en 🔥SOCIAL✨BRUTALISM🔥)
☹HAPPY∞LONER☻ meets you in a while BabyAlien. (en 💿SOULAR ORDER📀)
Whateverest. Work out keeps going. #NoPainNoGain // #instafit hashtag pa mi @marinalons lol.
Almost 5AM. Coming back home, again. PERFECT night listening music with the homies.
P for @36daysoftype // amazing project from @rafagoicoechea / sorry Rafa I’ve been busy lately but I PROMISE 2 post some STUFF till the end !!!
Aqward funny moment of this day with @slurpiest and the team recording a video for @javieramena // ok!! Face  (en ✏️___________🔥)
Muy body hurts. Can’t even flex my arm. Good night y’all. #NoPainNoGain #progress #WeWillSee
OLD DESIGN I MADE WITH @dearabra back in Xmas so we printed in silkscreen. I’m gonna start again with this stuff. •///////•