#pparallaxx TURQOISE *2 test with 3d Stroke. Thanks @slurpiest for showing me how to use After Effects for this result.  (en ✏️___________🔥)
LUVIN’ THIS SENHORITA!!! 🔥❤️👈 #HoldingHands and so…
I borrowed this bag from @saritalempicka * I don’t usually know I’m a BIG GUY. Lol.
#TBT Circa 2008!!!  (en 🔥SOCIAL✨BRUTALISM🔥)
Which part of the day u preffer?
7am. Trying 2 look towards the future… #happylonernumber1  (en 🔥SOCIAL✨BRUTALISM🔥)
💪👀 ANOTHER DAY IN THE GYM. #NoPainNoGain ( later I’m gonna post a video of my new work ). Still the #happylonernumber1
✨DAY 1. Welcome 2 reality, no more expectations from anyone. ANYMORE. ✨👈
** The Ability To Change The Meaning Of An Image ***
Caged on a computer tonight. What about u?
From #Boldthinginmyhead serie. I asked some random friends what they had in mind 2 do this weekend. Some other suggestions?  (en 🔥SOCIAL✨BRUTALISM🔥)
Testing New Graphics for 3rd #Georarium Series. Thanks 4 support. (en ✏️___________🔥)
Drawn smoke. Old artwork I just re/made #pparallaxx